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Inspired by Field Owners, Paintball Promos launched in 2013 with a vision to grow the sport’s player base, raise industry standards and empower Field Owners.
Paintball Promos consistently seeks to further fulfill its mandate of empowering field owners to expect more and create solutions that ensure the long-term growth of the paintball industry.
A Field Owner’s success is crucial to building the sport. Paintball Promos understands that field owner’s needs must be put first. It’s time to start giving back. We now offer our Members free, customizable management software, field specific loyalty programs and untapped revenue models to target new business and increase profits.
Paintball Promos helps field owners grow their local market and bring paintball to a wider demographic while increasing paint and product sales.
As Paintball Promos forges a new path in the industry, we will strive to answer the Field Owner’s needs with new and exciting ideas.
Paintball Promos would like to thank all its Field Owners for placing their faith in us and helping us build the next level of field marketing. We look forward to your continued support and mutually rewarding relationship.
Thank you for choosing Paintball Promos.
Expect more. This is just the beginning.


Being a Paintball Promos member has many benefits. If you’re not, that’s alright, we have many packages to suit your needs.



  • It works for you 24/7 to reserve your customers
  • Generate additional profit with add-ons and optional deposits
  • This helps you also manage your staff needs
  • Customize your hours of operation.
  • Only show available times for customers based on your maximum number of guns (equipment)
  • Allows for minimum player custom rules for days that you will only open by reservation if the minimum is met.
  • All reservations/changes/cancellations are emailed to the merchant so they don’t miss anything.


  • Easily search through thousands of waivers in seconds on your Merchant Dashboard
  • Customers can forward the waiver request from their email to their friends for easy waiver signing.
  • Faster waiver registrations means significantly less lineups for waivers, and faster signups at registers.
  • Fewer typo errors on waivers and contact info which are important for retaining customers through birthdays and future email outs.
  • Since customers are urged to also email out waivers to their peers in the paintball group, it makes it easier for the group organizer to signup people for his group and create a higher attendance as people fill out a form for the event.


  • Retain customers through a rewards point system
  • Field owners set their goals for assigning loyalty points and also rewards
  • Integrated points with Social Media sharing to give your business great exposure to your customer’s friends
  • Instantly notify your customers on their smart devices on any news and specials
  • Grow your customer base by giving points for: Checking in, Bringing friends, Birthdays, and Bachelor parties.

Maximize Exposure

Through the power of deal sites, your name is mass marketed to 100,000’s of people in your area.

Increased Profits

Paintball Promos can generate up to ten times the profit then running a deal on your own. You get to charge the full price of paintballs and/or air

Generate New Players

Paintball Promos brings new players to your facility. Since our passes are sold in multiples, this also brings groups of players.

Zero Cost to You

Paintball Promos is completely FREE at NO COST to you! There are no hidden fees.

FREE Dashboard

As a bonus, you get our free access to valuable marketing information, sales stats, free mail-outs, customer feedback and much more. Our developers are constantly adding more applications to help you market your facility better.

Customer Feedback

Get to know what your customers like and don’t like about your field. An exclusive feature includes your ability to respond directly to your customer feedback.

B.Day / Specials E-Blasts

Capture Birthday party groups using our automated e-blast service. Fully customizable with your logo and offer. You may also send out multiple E-Blasts featuring your next special event or promotion.

24 Hour Support

Our service professionals provide customer and merchant support 24 hours.

Mobile App

Our App has all our functions integrated together and accessible by any smart device. It also combines Geo-locating to help customers find fields in their area. The App is also the core of the loyalty program and the means to receive any push notifications from the field owners. Customers can also enjoy contests and win points.

Digital Waiver

Reduce line ups and the time for check-ins with more accurate waivers. Customers can enter waivers either through their smart-phone, or online with ease. Field owners can now search through thousands of waivers in seconds.

Loyalty Program and Push Notifications

The loyalty program retains customers as they earn “Paintball Points” through Social Media sharing, Checking-in, Birthdays, and Bachelor parties. The field owner sets the rewards and target points levels. With our push notifications, customers receive any news or specials on their smart devices. Better than texting as their are no costs or limits.

Reservation System

It works for you 24*7 to reserve your customers. Generate additional profit with add-ons and optional deposits. This helps you also manage your staff needs. Maximum levels are set for players and rentals to avoid overbooking.

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Want to know more about our FREE marketing program and how it works? Visit our frequently asked questions page. It answers most of the common questions we get on a daily basis from field owners. If you still have questions, call our 24hr support number and we will be happy to help you.


Not sure about how to redeem passes? Just click on the video icon to watch a step-by-step video of our field owner redemption process. It will show you how to redeem a customer pass and walk you through the entire process. Did someone show up with a deal site voucher and forgot to redeem it for passes? No problem! We have a fix for that as well!


Be sure to check out our blog. We feature paintball facilities frequently which helps to highlight what makes your field stand out. You can also read and share stories of personal experiences and find out about the latest in paintball gear, events and much more! We love paintball and can’t wait to share it with you. Get in the know and stay connected!


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