G.I. Sportz RDR Hopper

[column type=”one-half” fade=”true” fade_animation=”in-from-left” fade_animation_offset=”45px”] Paintball RDR Loader [/column][column type=”one-half” last=”true”] As a field owner one of my jobs is to target great products for my customers.  G.I. Sportz RDR hopper showed good potential so I picked up one of these to test it.  This hopper was announced in 2013 and RDR stands for Reactive Dynamic Radar which means it has the technology of a chronograph able to measure the speed of paintballs.  But this hopper does much more than that, it also measures the ROF, Balls Shot, Balls remaining and more.  These numbers are huge for players!  And yes, like other high end hoppers, there is a release button that allows the complete disassembly of the internal drive train and all major components without any tools.
Another cool thing is that the display and menu are easy to use and even lights for night play.
These features are what make the RDR one of the most innovative hoppers of 2013! A must for every store and player.
… by: Spiros Kodounis, Owner – Orlando Paintball[/column]

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