Location: Hyatt Dulles

Field Marketing – Building a Brand

Product Information

Paintball Promos will be presenting a one hour seminar focusing on how to effectively promote their business through various marketing disciplines,channels and technologies that suit their operational style and budget. The session will encompass a “think tank” style session addressing among other items:

    • Common Marketing/Operational mistakes that impact your business.
    • Advertising and Media – A summary on methods and their benefits.
    • Direct Marketing – Pros & Cons. + What does “Building a Brand” mean?
    • Identify the top selling features of your facility.
    • Positioning your facility to potential customers – It’s not what you say ~ It’s how you say it.
    • Identify your competition and navigate your way through them.
    • “How to” on successful websites, common mistakes, key components etc.
    • Social Media – The importance of social media and how to use it correctly.
    • Building local community support.
    • Tips of finding the free advertising around them everyday.

Attendees will be invited to make an appointment for a free 30 minute one-on-one consultation with a Brand Specialist at the Paintball Promo booth. Space is limited. Review schedules before registering for any class or seminar.

For more information, email us or visit Paintball Extravaganza’s Registration Page”